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About Us

Hearing Aid Prices exists to provide a win/win, for you as a consumer, as well as our network of preferred independent hearing providers.

Our role is to provide you with unbiased expert advice on acquiring an appropriate hearing device for your unique hearing needs at a price that fits your budget.

Most of our clients contact us after being shell shocked at the price of hearing aids quoted by the large high street retailers. Prices of upwards of $15,000 for a premium set of hearing aids is not uncommon. Our price for the same hearing aids and the same level of service may be as little as $8,500. That's a 43% saving of $6,500.

That's right, a 43% saving for an identical product and service.

How can we do that?

Well, rather than asking how we can keep our prices so much lower, the question perhaps ought to be, how can the large retailers justify their excessive pricing?

So how do we keep our prices low?

The answer is simple - by keeping our overheads to a minimum and being content to receive a fair and reasonable profit on our products and services.

Then there is the question of whether you need the latest premium technology with all the bells and whistles? Do you really need a $15,000 hearing aid?
Will a good quality mid-range hearing aid be sufficient?

A careful analysis of your hearing needs and lifestyle will help us determine that.

A set of hearing aids for $5,500 may be all you require.

Did you know that many of the large high street retailers are owned by hearing aid manufacturers and therefore limit your choice of aid selection?

All of our preferred providers are independent and are therefore free to fit any device currently available on the market today.

With thousands of hearing devices on the market, and new ones coming out every month, we are here to help guide you in making an informed decision. Talk to one of our hearing professionals today. We are more than happy to compare hearing devices and advise you on the benefits and differences between the various products.

We act ethically and in your interests to help you obtain good quality, professionally fitted hearing aids at reasonable prices. All our preferred providers are fully trained and members of a professional hearing body such as AA, ACAud or HAASA.

Our goal is to match you up with an experienced hearing professional in your area who will honour our prices and provide you with an exceptional level of service ensuring a positive outcome.

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