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Widex Hearing Aids

Widex have a growing presence in Australia with a comprehensive range of high quality hearing aids. Based in Denmark with a presence in numerous countries. In 2009 Widex came up with the first completely wireless hearing aid.

Widex EVOKE are the world's first machine-learning hearing aids. Typically our audiologist will program your hearing aids and try and get all the settings just right for each and every listening environment. Now with Widex EVOKE that will no longer be necessary. because Widex EVOKE will continually learn and adapt to your preferences.

If you are excited by new technology that adapts to your preferences, this could be the hearing aid brand for you. Preferences are adjusted via their smartphone EVOKE app.

Widex Hearing Aid Prices in Australia

Hearing Aid Prices.com.au is the first site in Australia to list major brands of hearing aids and prices. We are the originals. View our list of all Widex Hearing Aids and Prices.

We provide great care and follow up with qualified professionals - we do not send hearing aids via the Internet - we only provide professional hearing care.

Before Hearing Aid Prices (this site) launched you could not find a transparent price for a hearing aid on the Internet for all major brands

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