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Processing Speed of Hearing Aids
  • May 17, 2017

Processing Speed of Hearing Aids

Just like the processing speed of a fast computer - processing speed in a quality hearing aid adds to the user experience.

You can feel the difference.
You have to work far less in conversations - less effort is required to understand conversations. Click on the image and imagine being able to easily communicate with the shop assistant and your friend especially when there is variable background noise.

The hearing aids adapt to different environments with extraordinary speed partly due to the processor.

With advanced hearing aids and the highest level of aid the following scenarios can occur.

Conversations In Noise or a Crowd

Difficulty understanding speech in noisy environments is the biggest complaint for those with hearing loss.
Advanced hearing aids work together (wirelessly) to agree and determine the direction of the dominant speech. Not all speech will happen directly infront of the user.
A listening program is selected (automatically) based on the type of environment.
Speech detectors are used to identify when a dominant speaker is present from any angle.
Your hearing aids may automatically select a symmetric or asymmetric synchronized microphone strategy.

Decisions are also made on your behalf to decide based on listening environments other programs that may be included.

Hearing Aids Wireless Speech 360

What you will notice with the advanced features is a constant but consistent adjusting of the aids.
Astute listeners will notice the aids act differently as noise progresses ie gets louder.
You may notice the car radio sound a certain way in the garage and progress as the road noise gets louder.

Why Processing Speed is so Important

Discuss with your audiologist the performance of the different levels of aids in certain listening environments.
If you want to be able to hear more conversation with less effort in difficult to hear scenarios it is recommended to get the most advanced instruments with the best processing speeds.

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