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Get rid of the clunky Hearing Aid
  • Sep 26, 2017

Get rid of the clunky Hearing Aid

Still wearing an old clunker of a hearing aid? In this article we are going to analyse the improvents in technology and discover why holding on to old technology especially if you can afford an upgrade is not in your interests.

Technology improves, processing power improves hence it is no surprise that hearing aid technology continues to improve.

Just look at the mobile phone improvements in the last 3 years.

There is so much power in everyone's pocket.

But what about your hearing?

Hearing aids are now -:

  • More comfortable
  • More powerful
  • Make you hear better than before
  • Look Better
  • Come with many useful accessories

Turning Up Your Hearing Aid

The benefits of a modern hearing aid is you can turn up your hearing aid in various situations.
Volume levels you may use at home can be different to what you may use in a hotel, meeting, a room that has an echo or in a car.
Having options for adjustment make hearing comfortable.

Benefits of Accessories

Listening to a conversation hands free through both ears rather than risking your life or a fine.

Using iphone In Car

Even if you did not have a hearing problem the ability to hold a conversation and hear via both ears without even being near your phone.

Use bluetooth in your car to hold a conversation streamed to both ears and not touch your phone ever.

HearingAidPrices.com.au was the first site in Australia to print hearing aid prices across major brands.
It all started with an audiologist and a technology buff who could not work out why prices were not available online.
Why shouldn't buyers of hearing aids be able to compare products and prices whilst being assured of the best care?

Old Style Hearing Aid

Old Hearing Aid

Old Style Hearing Aid

Old Style Hearing Aid

Modern Hearing Aid

Receiver In the Ear

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