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A Hearing Aid Can Change Your Life
  • Nov 28, 2017

A Hearing Aid Can Change Your Life

Here are some of the things you may do once you hear better with a modern hearing aid.

Navigate Using Mobile Phone in Car

Navigate using my mobile in the car

Many people would not be aware that someone with a hearing issue may not be able to hear the instructions from mobile navigating devices.
People with normal hearing think nothing of using Google Maps to navigate to a destination. However people with hearing losses will not hear every instruction or make sense of any of the instructions.

Imagine how it feels to be able to jump in your car and not have to have your entire journey noted and memorised.
If you are a person who is occassionally late that 5 minutes of time spent researching your journey is happening when you least want it.

Background noise is a real issue in cars - mobile phones have compact speakers however with modern hearing aids you can adjust your aid so it is going to hear the instructions clearly - even play some music at the same time.

One stressful event eradicated.

Woman Pouring Beer Pub

Go to the pub and hear what the bar attendant asked you

On top of the list for some is being able to converse with the bar attendant in an echoey noisey bar.
A sure sign of not hearing well is a bar attendant looking at you waiting for a response - the slight irritation they show because you are going to slow down their service and other people are waiting.
An enjoyable occassion enjoyed more!
Watching TV from Kitchen

Hear the TV from a distance

People with hearing issues may need to be in front to the TV (with captions) to be able to understand a program.
With quality hearing aids you will discover that you can be a distance away from the TV and still hear it. The TV will also be at a lower volume.
For example people with a common high tone loss need to turn the TV up enough for the high tones to be higlighted sufficiently for them to hear. This can be very annoying for people around you becuase to them the TV is too loud.

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