Oticon Opn Ambassador
  • Nov 23, 2018

Oticon Opn Ambassador

Transcript of Video:

To me hearing aids aren't about hearing better. Hearing aids are about connecting better. Helping you connect with the people around you in a better way.

Oticon Ambassador Video

No one is going to want to admit they have hearing loss. It's no different to wearing a pair of reading glasses. No one is going to blink if you suddenly show up with a pair of readers to see something - great you can see things which is awesome.

You are basically doing exactly the same thing except don't wait until you need the glasses that are like coke bottles you know that is what I did.

When you first notice that you are constantly say what huh pardon - you are degrading the ability to connect with the people around you - you might not realise it but that is starting to act like a sandpaper on the interactions you have on people around you.

I am Osher Günsperg I am 44. I first noticed that I had a problem with my hearing around the age of 17-18 in my late 20s is when I noticed I couldn't hear the difference between an F and an S but I waited about 10 years before I finally saw an audiologist and now I wear hearing aids.

I have been wearing my Oticon Opn hearing aids for about 5 weeks now and immediately the difference was profound in my experience. I felt so much more present in a room full of people - that's about the best way I can describe it - it's difficult if I am trying to speak to someone in a noisy environment without these hearing aids.

When compared to my previous hearing aids the Oticon Opn make me feel a lot more present. Previously I just kind of heard things louder to the point where after a while at a family function or a dinner I ended up turning them down because it was just overwhelming.

The Oticon Opn seem to filter a lot of that out and they sound a lot more natural or at least what I can remember of my experience of like sounding like.

I didn't realise but when my hearing loss first started to get quite bad I would avoid dinner parties or avoid going out, I didn't know why I was saying no I don't want to go out for dinner with anything more than 4 people. I didn't realise it just felt like I didn't want to do it. Why was I sitting alone? Because I cant hear anybody. There is no reason to go through life like that. Because then the people who love you say why are you sitting in the corner and not talking. Think of it less of a way for you to hear better but more of a way for you to connect to the people that love you better.

Since I have been fitted with these hearing aids I seem to be able to carry on conversations in noisy environments in a lot more natural way than I used to.

When I wear these Oticon OPN I definitely fee more present in the room, I feel ah I feel a lot more aware of the environment that I am in.

I used to avoid talking on the phone, I would send it to voicemail. Oh send me a text I cannot talk right now. Having my Oticon Opn connect to my iPhone has been really, really great, particularly when it comes to taking phone calls. Being able to turn the sound up and down on the phone being to change programs on the phone is also really really convenient.

I have rechargeable batteries on mine which is a game changer an absolute game changer. Still it's been 4 years now. Yeah I still forget to wear my hearing aids. It's really helped me to wear them more regularly having the dock right by the bed there and knowing that I have got a full day of charge no problem at all. That's been really good.

It's not just hearing we are talking about it is how you are connecting with people around you. And when I wear these I definitely feel more connected to the people that I'm spending time with. I've definitely noticed the difference with my family, just in the way we interact at home, that is everything, that really is.

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