Hearing Aid Clinicians
  • Jan 3, 2020

Hearing Aid Clinicians

Who can legally fit hearing aids in Australia?

Clinicians who are professionally trained will be members of a professional body such as-:

  • Audiology Australia (AA)
  • Australian College of Audiology (ACAud)
  • Hearing Aid Audiologists Society of Australia (HAASA)

These bodies require high levels of competency and qualifications to become a member, as well as a commitment to continuing education in order to retain membership.

For a clinician to be part of the government Hearing Services Program (HSP) run by the Office of Hearing Services (OHS), they need to be accredited and obtain a practitioner number, in order to fit pensioners or veterans with hearing aids.

The companies providing these services also need to obtain a government contract.

Qualified clinicians are either audiometrists or audiologists

An audiologist typically will have a master's degree or doctorate in audiology.

An audiometrist will have a diploma or bachelor's degree in audiometry.

An audiologist's qualifications are higher and very academic. Unfortunately hearing aid fitting does not constitute a large portion of their training. Those that do fit hearing aids have obtained most of their practical skills through on the job training.

Audiologists often work in hospitals for ear nose and throat specialists in performing complex diagnostic assessments. In recent years they have focussed more on rehabilitation services via the fitting of hearing aids.

Many audiologists charge extra fees for their clinical services. An audiometrist is specifically trained in all practical aspects of hearing assessment and correction of hearing loss through amplification. A high percentage of their training is focussed on the fitting of hearing aids. Historically quite a number of audiometrists have commenced their careers manufacturing hearing aids in hearing aid laboratories.

At Hearing Aid Prices all our clinicians are qualified and registered audiologists or audiometrists who are experienced and have a good reputation within the profession.

Audiologist Fitting Hearing Aid

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