Hearing Aids Gold Coast
  • Apr 6, 2017

Hearing Aids Gold Coast

At HearingAidPrices.com.au we pioneered listing prices across brands in Australia.

Before our site launched people had to ring around and go through a set sales pitch or simply be told

we do not disclose prices over the phone without an appointment.

Have you been told prices are only available to those who make an appointment?

Hearing Aid Prices are the reason people are NOW able to compare hearing aid prices online - we introduced this.

Now people all over the country can look up a price for a hearing aid and get the best care as well.

The future of Hearing Aids is here

Introducing Self Programable Hearing Aid Solutions

New technology will enable customers to make a single visit to a qualified professional hearing centre be fitted with the latest device by a professional and make changes remotely.

On some models you will even be able to upgrade your hearing aids.

Say perhaps you are on a budget - you need hearing aids but cannot afford the full featured price tag you can at a later date upgrade these on certain models and brands.

Fly in service

We have a super centre on the Gold Coast to cater for this.

Regional customers do not need to be disadvantaged any longer.
Fly to the Gold Coast and get upgradable high quality adjustable hearing aids from major trusted brands.
Call us to find out what special packages are available.

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Our Gold Coast Hearing Aid Prices

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