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Oticon - Alta2

Product Code: BTE

Price: $3795.00 (single aid only)

The Alta2 is a premium hearing aid manufactured by Oticon incorporating their latest processing chip (Inium).

It has 10 channels, noise reduction using their latest algorithm (Binaural TriState), and wind noise reduction.

In addition, the Alta incorporates ?Binaural Broadband? technology which allows both hearing aids to act as one system through wireless of exchange information. Using this technology the two hearing aids can synchronise noise reduction and directionality features (Binaural Synchronisation). This not only enhances their effectiveness, but also helps maintain natural time and sound level differences between hearing aids that may have otherwise been disrupted by such features. The preservation of these natural differences helps to provide you with a spatial (3D) awareness of your listening environment. Furthermore, Binaural Broadband technology allows for the synchronization of volume adjustments and program changes made on one hearing aid to both hearing aids and the streaming of telephone conversation via a dedicated phone program to both hearing aids (Binaural Coordination).

The Alta additionally has ?YouMatic Premium? that offers the choice of 5 different listening profiles that can be adopted to further personalise the hearing aid sound level and quality to wearers. It also has ?Free Focus Premium? which enables the hearing aid to switch between 5 different modes of directionality to help you hear better in background noise, and a feature known as ?Speech Guard E?. Speech Guard E allows the hearing aid to provide additional amplification of speech in quiet situations to ensure the wearer doesn?t miss conversation whilst being able to quick adapt in background noise to ensure the overall sound level is always comfortable. It can too extend the hearing aid bandwidth up to 10 kHz to provide a more rich and ?brilliant? sound quality that can be appreciated when listening to music or watching the TV.

Furthermore, the Alta can learn and apply the wearers preferred sound level over a period of time (VC Learning). Additionally, the Alta can be programmed to gradually increase in sound level over a specified period of time to allow new users of hearing aids the opportunity to adjust and adapt (Adaptation Manager).

The Alta also uses their latest feedback algorithm (Inium Feedback Shield) to help reduce annoying whistling from your hearing aids and is compatible with Oticon wireless accessories such as ConnectLine Streamer Pro, ConnectLine TV adapter, ConnectLine Streamer Pro & TV adapter Bundle, ConnectLine phone adapter, ConnectLine Streamer Pro & phone adapter Bundle, ConnectLine microphone and ConnectLine Streamer Pro & microphone Bundle.

Benefits over Nera Pro:

?10 channels
?YouMatic Premium
?Free Focus Premium
?Speech Guard E
?10 kHz bandwidth

# Channels Noise
# Listening
10 channels Yes - Advanced Up to 4 Yes Three Years

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Review by Mike on 26/03/2015

Live in Nambour QLD
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