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What's included:
Premium performance in 7 environments and the most sophisticated features that let you focus on speech and know where it's coming from in crowds and background noise.
What's missing:
Nothing. You've got everything you need.
Discover 7
What's included:
Advanced performance in 6 environments with a great feature that will help you focus on speech coming from the front and sides in challenging situations, improved awareness of where sounds come from, plus an automatic music program.
What's missing:
The most sophisticated features to help you know where sounds are coming from and understand conversations in crowds and noise.
What's included:
Standard performance in 4 environments that includes a feature to help you to know where sounds are coming from in quiet environments.
What's missing:
Ability to focus on speech coming from different directions in noisy situations and to automatically engage a music program.

Phonak Accessories available for Unitron

  • TV Connector
  • Remote Control
  • PartnerMic
  • RogerDirect™

PartnerMic TV Connector

TV Connector

The TV Connector is an optional accessory that sends sound from your TV directly to your hearing aids. The TV Connector can also transmit sound from stereo systems, computers and other audio sources.

Remote Control

The Remote Control is an optional accessory that can be used to control volume level and program changes of the hearing aid.


The PartnerMic is an optional accessory that can be used to stream a speaker’s voice wirelessly to your hearing aids


Your hearing aids are compatible with Roger™ accessories. Roger accessories can be used to transmit a voice or sound source wirelessly to your hearing aids

Start and end phone calls directly on your hearing aid

Unitron Moxi Fit Accept Phone Call

Unitron Moxi Fit hearing aids allow direct communication with Bluetooth enabled phones.

When paired and connected to a phone, you will hear the caller's voice directly in your hearing aids.

Flex upgrade option

Flex upgrade option allows you to buy a lower version of a hearing aid and upgrade at a later date.

Say you purchased a base model of a current Unitron hearing aid, used it in social situations and liked it. Later you may want to upgrade and just pay the difference for the upgrade without changing your existing hearing aids.

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Unitron Moxi Fit Full Specs

Moxi Discover
# Channels Noise
# Listening
20 channels Yes - Advanced auto iPhone and Android DIRECT Three Years


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