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Product Code: 2400 AI RIC-R

Price: $2995.00 (single aid only)

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The award-winning Livio AI is the world’s first Healthable to utilise integrated sensors and artificial intelligence and the first device to track physical activity and cognitive health as measured by hearing-aid use in social situations. Livio AI also features the first-ever Fall Detection and Alert capability and translates 27 languages.

Rechargeable: Smart, Convenient, and Reliable

Livio AI rechargeable hearing aids provide up to 24 hours of use on a single charge.

Starkey Sound Quality Delivered Through the Power of Artificial Intelligence

With what’s said to be “three times more digital signal processing (DSP),” a multi-core twin compressor, and a dual radio system, the Thrive platform driving Livio AI and Livio is said to have been engineered to handle even the most complex situations.

According to Starkey, Livio AI is said to help give patients a rich and dimensional hearing experience that is close to natural hearing. This Hearing Reality is the patented, signal-processing technology which helps to reduce listening effort, applying binaural processing to decrease steady state and dynamic background noise, and helping to improve comfort for loud, transient sounds.

Fall Detection and Alert

Starkey have introduced a product that can help give millions of people, their families, and caregivers peace of mind. Fall Alert can detect falls and send alert messages to selected contacts.

Breakthrough Advancements

Starkey Hearing Technologies offers features that perform tasks normally requiring human intelligence. These features, powered by artificial intelligence, allow clinicians to optimise the patient experience with:

  • Fall Detection and Alerts
  • Language translation
  • Thrive Assistant
  • Health and wellness tracking
  • Rechargeable option
  • Voice-to-text transcription
  • Self Check for hearing-aid performance
  • Natural user interface with tap control
  • Universal iPhone connectivity to various audio outlets and 2.4 GHz accessories
  • Wireless streaming of phone calls, music, media, and more

# Channels Noise
# Listening
24 channels Yes - Advanced auto iPhone and Android DIRECT Three Years

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