Audeo Marvel

Phonak Audeo Marvel

The Phonak Audeo Marvel 90 or M90 is the top of the range. Improved automatic program - AutoSense OS Understanding in noise 60% better speech understanding. They zoom in on single voices in a noisy environment. 60% improvement is compared to without hearing aids. Hearing in car 37% reduction in listening effort in cars compared to previous technology. Hear quiet voices 10% improvement in understanding of soft speech with the Audeo M90 How it works It analyses sounds every 0.4 seconds and then blends the various pre-programmed settings to create over 200 variations of how the aids can sound, depending on exactly what type of environment you're in. All done automatically, without manual adjustments being made. Binaural VoiceStream Technology The noisier it is, the greater the challenge. AutoSense OS utilises Binaural VoiceStream Technology. It streams all incoming sounds in real time to both hearing aids, thereby tackling tricky listening situations by simulating what your brain does with sounds from both ears. This linking of the hearing aids brings you the benefit from hearing speech in both ears, especially in a noisier environment.



Audéo M-312 Receiver-in-Canal

  • Battery: 312 zinc air
  • Mild to profound hearing loss
  • Direct connectivity to iOS and Android devices

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Audeo Marvel
# Channels Noise
# Listening
20 channels Yes - Advanced auto iPhone and Android DIRECT Three Years


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