Moxi Tempus

Unitron Moxi Tempus

The Moxi Now is the latest addition to the Unitron series of RIC (receiver-in-the-canal) hearing aids. Measuring a slight 20.2mm tall by 6.5mm wide, the Moxi Now is about half the size of other hearing aids in its class. It is virtually invisible behind your ear and is being touted by Unitron as the smallest wireless RIC hearing aid in the world. Don't be fooled by the tiny package because the Moxi Now PRO is packed with enough technology to deliver high performance, excellent functionality and discretion to help you hear your best, even in noisy environments. The versatile Moxi Now PRO adjusts automatically to different environments allowing you to go from home to a night out seamlessly, while still hearing clearly. Its smooth, nearly invisible design can be happily worn all day long while maintaining a comfortable and easy listening experience. Each Unitron Tempus hearing aid combines the strength of 3 innovative technologies - SoundNav, Sound Conductor and SpeechZone 2 to deliver crystal clear natural sound and comfort. Custom Specifications Include Memories - Sound Navigation in 7 environments Directional Microphones - 180 degree processing SpeechZone Aid-to-Aid Communication - DuoLink Bluetooth Capable - with optional uStream or uDirect3


More Info! Unitron Moxi Tempus Pro Features Advanced features and user experience.


Ustream Unitron Streamer

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Unitron Technolgy Levels
Unitron Technolgy Levels

Moxi Tempus
# Channels Noise
# Listening
20 channels Yes - Advanced auto Yes Three Years


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