ConnectLine TV Adapter 2

Oticon ConnectLine TV Adapter 2

The TV Adapter is a wireless transmitter of sound from a TV or from other electronic audio devices to hearing aids.



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It allows you to set the volume of the TV seperate to others watching without disturbing their viewing.

Oticon ConnectLine TV Adapter 2 Functions

Placing the TV Adapter

Place the TV adaptor close to the TV - horizontally, with free line of sight to your hearing aids.



  • TOSLINK. Either digital stereo (PCM) or Dolby® Digital * 16
  • RCA audio output L+R 18
  • Mini jack audio output (typically headphone output) 20
  • SCART audio output (L+R)

Start TV sound using your hearing aids

Once a TV Adapter has been paired with your hearing aids, it will be available as a program in your hearing aids.

To listen to TV simply press and hold the program switch on your hearing aids to change program.

There are other ways to start the TV sound, via the Oticon App, or via your hearing aid remote control.


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