ConnectLine Streamer Pro 1.3

Oticon ConnectLine Streamer Pro 1.3

The Streamer connects your hearing aids wirelessly to different audio sources and makes your hearing aids work like wireless headphones.



The Streamer transmits the sound directly into both hearing aids improving the audio experience.

Send sound from phones, tablets, TV or a small microphone directly to Oticon hearing aids.

ConnectLine Streamer Pro 1.3

Included are -:

  • TV adapter
  • Phone adapter
  • Mini-microphone
  • 3.5 mm headset splitter cable for use with PCs
  • Neck Loop

The neck loop is an integral part of the Streamer's electronic system. It is used as an antenna to transmit sound to your hearing aids.

When using the Streamer without the neck loop, the distance to your hearing aids should be less than one metre.

Remote control of the hearing aids

Volume up/down
Briefly pressing on either volume up or down will regulate the volume in the hearing aids accordingly. You will hear small confirmation "ticks" in the hearing instruments.

Changing programs
You can change programs up or down by holding the volume up or down for more than one second. Changing programs is indicated by a sound in your hearing instruments.

Muting your hearing aids
You can mute the hearing instruments by pressing the volume up AND down for 1 second simultaneously.


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