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GN ReSound - ONE

Product Code: 9

Price: $2995.00 (single aid only)

Just like a fingerprint, each person's hearing is one of a kind. This is because the shape of your ear is designed to capture the sounds around you.

ReSound ONE with M&RIE (Microphone & Receiver-In-Ear). You can collect the whole sound environment just as nature intended.

Previously the issue would have been Feedback with a microphone placed in your ear. Enjoy the benefits of a more natural sound using the Pina of your ear.

Industry-leading battery life allows you to wear it all day long.


Premium (9)

Advanced (7)

Standard (5)

Channels 17 14 12
Ultra Focus
Environmental Optimizer II
All Access Directionality
Spatial Sense
Noise Tracker II 5 settings 3 settings 2 settings
Impulse Noise Reduction 3 settings 2 settings On/Off
Wind Guard 3 settings 2 settings On/Off
Tinnitus Sound Generator
Ear to Ear Communication
Direct audio streaming


ReSound WARP


The WARP sound processor replicates the way the natural ear divides sound into distinct pitches.

Benefits: Near-zero distortion and remarkable purity to sound.

ReSound DFS Ultra

DFS Ultra ™

Reduces feedback while preserving amplification without comrpromising sound quality.

Benefits: Not annoyed by feedback (whistling) or sudden reduction of volume, which dome other hearing aids to do prevent feedback.

Music Mode

Music Mode

Slows down feedback cancellation to ensure that tonal sounds are not adversely affected utilising the same processing method.

Benefits: Rich sound quality for music is preserved. Extra comfort, better audibility and a distortion-free msic experience.

Noise Tracker II

Noise Tracker II

Reduces unwanted background noise without affecting the quality of speech.
The stronger the setting the more background noise will be reduced.

Benefits: Improves comfort in noisy listening situations without compromising speech understanding.

MRIE Microphone & Receiver-In-Ear

MRIE Microphone & Receiver-In-Ear

Places a third microphone inside the ear canal as a combined part ot the receiver. Additionally, two traditional microphones are positioned on top of the hearing aid to collect sound the way nature intended, for the best spatial perception and sound quality.

Benefits: The M&RIE design uses the individual's own uniqu ear to focus exactly on what you want to hear, without missing out on the other sounds around you.

Ultra Focus

Ultra Focus

When Ultra Focus mode is on, the right and left hearing aids apply strong directionality to the speech frequencies and provdie a tailored blend of the sound from each side, depending on the environment.

Benefits: Now you can conveniently activate the stongest directionality and optimum noise reduction settings to have the best listening experience in any loud environment.

All Access Directionality

All Access Directionality

This feature monitors the acoustic environment and automatically switches among different modes with specially designed directional patterns to support 3 listening strategies.

Benefits: Ensures most optimised settings to hear your best in any situation, without losing touch with surroundings in noisy situations.

Binaural Directionality III

Binaural Directionality III

Improves the ability to stay aware of sounds to the sides and back; more than 30% of the time, the signal of interest is not directly in front of the hearing aid wearer.

Benefits: Providing the brain with the right information from both ears lets you effortlessly follow conversations and shift attention naturally to important sounds around you.

Binaural Directionality

Binaural Directionality

Relies on Ear-to-Ear data exchange to select the optimal microphone mode on each ear so the strongest voice signal is clear without losing the ability to perceive the surroundings and other speakers.

Benefits: Users are provided with the information they need to instinctively react and tune in to the sound they are interested in.

Spatial Sense

Spatial Sense

Replaces spatial cues that are disrupted due to hearing aid placement behind the ear and the effects of wide dynamic range compression.

Benefits: Delivers vivid spatial awareness and exceptional sound quality. As background noise levels rise, you can zoom in on the sounds they are interested in without losing the sense of what is going on around you.

Natural Directionality II

Natural Directionality II

Provides the listener with the benefits of both omnidirectional and directional modes simultaneously. Employs an asymmetrical fitting strategy with one ear always in directional (the "focus" ear) and one ear always in omni (the "monitor" ear).

Benefits: Allows users to stay aware of background noises, increases ease of listening. No need for manual or automatic switching between different directional programmes.

ReSound One Video

ReSound One Video

# Channels Noise
# Listening
17 channels Yes - Advanced 5 iPhone and Android DIRECT Three Years

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