Charge & Care

Phonak Charge & Care Charger

A charger with extra functions.

Price per side


Ease of use

Simple and ready to use – at the touch of a button, the UV light treatment and drying process starts while your hearing aids are being charged.

Diligent and routine care of your hearing aids contributes to outstanding performance and a long service life.

Compatible hearing aid models

  • Audéo P-R (P90/P70/P50/P30)
  • Audéo P-RT (P90/P70/P50/P30)
  • Audéo M-R (M90/M70/M50/M30)
  • Audéo M-RT (M90/M70/M50/M30)

Compatible with Phonak Paradise and Phonak Marvel Hearing Aids.

Cleaning and Drying your Hearing Aids

Simply close the cover and press the push button to start the cleaning and drying process. It takes approximately 2 hours for this process.


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