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Oticon More features a groundbreaking technology, MoreSound Intelligence, that makes it easier for the brain to separate sounds and focus on what is important.

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Deep Neural Network (DNN) Technology: The Oticon More is powered by advanced Deep Neural Network technology. This technology allows the hearing aids to process sound in a way that closely mimics the functioning of the human brain, enabling more accurate and detailed sound processing.

Improved Speech Understanding: The Oticon More is designed to enhance speech understanding, even in complex listening environments. It analyzes and prioritizes speech sounds, while reducing background noise, making it easier for users to follow conversations and engage in social situations.

360° Sound Experience: With the Oticon More, users can experience a more comprehensive and natural sound environment. The hearing aids capture sound from all directions, enabling a 360° sound experience and improving situational awareness.

Personalized Sound Adaptation: The Oticon More utilizes the BrainHearing approach, which focuses on providing personalized sound adaptation. It learns from the user's individual listening experiences and adjusts its settings accordingly, optimizing the sound for the user's specific preferences and needs.

Rechargeable Option: The Oticon More offers a rechargeable option, providing users with the convenience of not having to regularly replace batteries. Users can enjoy long-lasting battery life and the ease of charging the hearing aids in a docking station.

Connectivity and Control: The Oticon More is compatible with wireless accessories and enables connectivity to smartphones, TVs, and other devices. Users can stream audio directly to their hearing aids and control settings through a smartphone app, offering greater flexibility and convenience.

Professional Support and Services: Users of the Oticon More can benefit from the expertise of hearing healthcare professionals who provide fitting, adjustments, and ongoing support. This ensures optimal performance and user satisfaction throughout the hearing journey.

All Oticon More hearing aids contain a telecoil and Bluetooth® Low Energy technology to connect to iPhone®, iPad®, and select Android™ devices.*

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