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Stride Discover

Unitron - Stride Discover

Product Code: PR7

Price: $2495.00 (single aid only)

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What's included:
Premium performance in 7 environments and the most sophisticated features that let you focus on speech and know where it's coming from in crowds and background noise.
What's missing:
Nothing. You've got everything you need.
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What's included:
Advanced performance in 6 environments with a great feature that will help you focus on speech coming from the front and sides in challenging situations, improved awareness of where sounds come from, plus an automatic music program.
What's missing:
The most sophisticated features to help you know where sounds are coming from and understand conversations in crowds and noise.
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What's included:
Standard performance in 4 environments that includes a feature to help you to know where sounds are coming from in quiet environments.
What's missing:
Ability to focus on speech coming from different directions in noisy situations and to automatically engage a music program.

Stride Discover
# Channels Noise
# Listening
16 channels Yes - Advanced auto iPhone and Android DIRECT Three Years

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