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Audeo Marvel

Phonak - Audeo Marvel

Product Code: M90-R Rechargeable

Price: $2995.00 (single aid only)

We believe that Phonak's new M90-R is the most complete hearing aid ever developed with direct wireless streaming from all mobile phones, lithium ion recharging, superb noise management and remote programming.

The Phonak rechargeable hearing aid is the first ever hearing aid to feature a built-in lithium-ion rechargeable battery, providing 24 hours of hearing with a simple charge of just 3 hours. The 30 minute fast-charging option gives 6 hours of immediate use.

Additionally, lithium-ion batteries last through the lifetime of a hearing aid, even after years of repeated charging. This combined with the fact that the battery compartment is sealed, frees customers from the cumbersome task of regularly changing their batteries. The new technology is also environmentally friendly with users typically going through around a 100 batteries per year and hearing aid.

Ideal for those constantly on the move, Phonak rechargeable hearing aids also come with smart charging options. The power pack, which is easily attached to the Phonak Charger Case, provides power for seven full charges of two hearing aids, ideal for short trips where no power source is available. In addition, Phonak offers a compact mini charger giving users full flexibility.

Audeo M runs on AutoSense OS, the cutting edge industry only and leading operating system from Phonak, which has been further enhanced with features such as adaptive SoundRecover2 to offer even better hearing performance in everyday listening situations.

Its fully automatic operation gives customers an effortless hearing experience without having to press buttons or switch between listening programs, proven to deliver 20% better speech understanding in general and 60% improvement in speech understanding when in a noisy environment thanks to the highly-sophisticated automatic selection.

Whether dining with friends in a noisy restaurant, driving a car or listening to music, AutoSense OS does what no other system can. It captures and analyses incoming sounds in real-time, and then draws upon multiple features blending them to create over 200 distinct settings to match the sound environment.

The next-generation Receiver-in-Canal (RIC) hearing aid Audeo M is the first product family based on the new Phonak Marvel product platform, which features a host of innovative technologies that have been created specifically to simplify the life of people with hearing loss. The new Audeo M hearing aids come in a new design and are available in 4 performance levels (M90, M70, M50 and B30) and 9 colours.

All models are IP 68 rated, meaning that they are dust tight and protected against water.

The Phonak Audeo M90 R is based on the latest 24 Bit chipset, which results in exceptional Sound Quality, minimal distortion in loud environments and best in class music fidelity.

Phonak Rechargable Hearing Aid

Audéo M-R Receiver-in-Canal

  • Battery: Built-in rechargeable lithium-ion
  • Mild to profound hearing loss
  • Direct connectivity to iOS and Android devices

Key Phonak Resources

How to clean a Phonak Marvel Rechargeable Hearing Aid

1 Brush off the microphone ports

Phonak Audeo Cleaning Microphone Ports

There are 3 Microphone Ports. Use the brush to lightly clean each one.

2 Brush over the push button

3 Wipe over the hearing aid

Wipe over the hearing aid with a microfibre cloth or tissue. Include the charging contact points at the bottom.

4 Clean Receiver and Dome

Remove the silicon dome by pulling off the receiver. Use an alcohol wipe to remove the earwax from the dome. Use the same alcohol wipe to clean the receiver.

4 If exchanging the earwax protection with CeruShield™ Disk

Phonak Exchanging Earwax Protection

Step 1 has a picture of a rubish bin (removing old earwax protector)
Step 2 is the replacement earwax protector

Audeo Marvel
# Channels Noise
# Listening
20 channels Yes auto iPhone and Android DIRECT Three Years

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