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Hearing Aid Purchase Process

A typical client may go through quite a process before acquiring hearing aids.

Hearing Aid Purchase Process

Can you recognise the pattern? An explanation is below.

  1. Difficult Hearing Children Females

    2 years before purchase

    Slowly notice difficulty hearing in some scenarios

    You may start to turn the TV louder and notice the voices of females and children difficult to hear. You may not be ready to consider a hearing aid.

  2. Hearing Declines

    1 year before purchase

    Start to withdraw

    With conversations becoming increasingly difficult you are not as keen to socialise. Your family may suggest you need a hearing aid. You start to consider a hearing aid as a lifestyle improvement.

  3. Reseach Hearing Aids

    3 months before purchase

    Research Hearing Aids

    There is often a point of no return where you start researching hearing aids and prices. Also researching the hearing aid brands in Australia that are available. You may be at an important event or meeting and realise you really are struggling to hear clearly.

  4. One Month Hearing Aid Trial

    1 month before purchase


    You would like to trial a hearing aid. There are options to trial a hearing aid with minimal cost. Note be wary of the easy options in shopping centres etc they can come with a hefty price tag and limited choice.

  5. Happy Couple after Purchase of Hearing aids

    Purchase day

    Purchase - Euphoria

    You choose your provider well after careful research. Like any technology independent advice goes a long way. Hearing well with a properly fitted hearing aid the sensation is pure euphoria. Suddenly that voice you could not hear is crystal clear. You want to celebrate and socialise. Your initial apprehension with people noticing you have a hearing aid (or not noticing at all) gives way to an absolute sense of regaining something you thought lost. Enjoy the moment. You may not hear every conversation 100% however the improvement is so dramatic with the technology available today and a well fitted hearing aid.

  6. Satisfied with Purchase of Hearing aids

    1 month after purchase


    You may need to tweak or setup specific devices. Follow-up appointments are free, these are designed to allow adjustments to maintain optimum comfort. A good hearing aid provider puts your hearing first.

  7. Repeat Hearing Aid Purchase Process

    5 years later

    Repeat - Euphoria

    The improvements in hearing aid technology are constant. Batteries become redundant, wireless capabilities allow you to seamlessly hear on any device. The ability to hear in background noise is improved. Comfort levels are so much better. Yes you will also be amazed at the improvements.

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