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TV Connector (Marvel) Currently Unavailable

Phonak - TV Connector (Marvel) Currently Unavailable

Product Code: TV Listening Device

Price: $175.00

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An easy to set-up and easy to use device for connecting your TV with your hearing aids. The sound quality is amazing.

Can be used with Phonak Audéo Marvel and Audéo B-Direct hearing aids.

The TV Connector streams directly to the hearing aids within a range of up to 15 metres.

Multiple listeners

The TV Connector supports an unlimited amount of connected hearing aids with one device. The audio signal is streamed to all connected hearing aids simultaneously.

1 Phonak Marvel hearing aids cannot connect directly to a television.

2 The Phonak TV Connector device is required to stream the TV audio directly to the Phonak Marvel hearing aids. This will turn your hearing into a wireless stereo headset.

3 The sound quality is superb.

Phonak TV Connector Marvel Details

TV Connector (Marvel)

Length 63 mm
Width 63 mm
Height 12 mm
Weight 30 g

Like Wireless Headphones - even better

It's just like using wireless headphones – except maybe even better, because Marvel hearing aids can distinguish between streamed speech and music signals, and automatically adjust to give an optimized sound quality.

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