Unite Remote Control 2

GN ReSound Unite Remote Control 2

Allows easy access to change programs, adjust the volume both monaurally and binaurally.



When in streaming mode, you can individually adjust volume of the hearing instrument vs. streamed audio volume.

This feature is really handy becuase it saves you having to change volumes on the device.

Item Info
Dimensions 98 x 42 x 15 mm
Weight 35 g
Display 128 x 128 pixel colour display
Power supply Build-in rechargeable battery
Battery charge time Max 2.5 hours using the charger supplied with the unit
Wireless connections 2 hearing instruments per Remote Control 2
Wireless frequency 2.4 GHz
Wireless range Up to 3 meters

Practical Benefits

Sitting in the car with the window open? Turn down the volume of both hearing aids or the hearing aid nearest the window to minimise wind and traffic noise.

Entering a business meeting? Switch to you preferred program for this specific environment. Some users are happy to have higher volumes when in a quiet environment.

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