Audeo Lumity

Phonak Audeo Lumity L90R

Spend less effort listening. Understand more speech in quiet and noise. Enjoy hearing aids that automatically adjust and participate in challenging group conversations.

Price per side


Lumity is built on the same chip as its predecessor the Paradise range of hearing aids known as Prism.
There has been an improvement in hearing in background noise.

Reduced listening effort will keep you fresher on those challenging days.

AutoSense 5.0 - Phonak's environmental classifier

Scans the environment 700 times per second. Then calculates the most appropriate setting to switch to.
Once the environment is selected there are up to 200 settings that can be adjusted.
There are improvements in background noise and speech understanding.

StereoZoom 2.0

This is a directional beamform setting. So in a particularly noisy environment it will focus on sounds directly in front of you.

Speech Sensor

Identify conversations nearby without the need to turn your head.
Research shows that 80% of conversations are in front.




SmartSpeech ActiveVent Performance Intelligently balances hearing performance and comfort of own voice
Roger Technology Provides significant improvement in speech understanding in noise and far distances
UltraZoom In noise, zooms in on the voices you are facing
Motion Sensor Hearing Automatically adjusts to optimize hearing while walking
Dynamic Noise Cancellation Provides significant improvement in speech understanding in noise and far distances
StereoZoom 2.0 New Seamlessly adjusts for more speech focus in the front in challenging noise
Speech Enhancer Boosts soft and distant speech in quiet environments
SpeechSensor New Improves hearing from the side and behind when in noise
AutoSense OS 5.0 Calm Situation Provides listening comfort and clarity in quiet
Speech in Noise Adapts to optimize speech in noisy environments
Comfort in Noise Listening comfort in loud situations when no speech is present
Music Offers a full and rich sound quality to your favorite tunes
Speech in Loud Noise Uses StereoZoom 2.0 to help focus on speech in a loud noise environment
Speech in Car Reduces car and road noise
Comfort in Echo Reduces disturbing echo so you can hear speech clearly
Speech in 360° (manual) Tracks and focuses on the dominant speaker from different sides
WindBlock Suppresses wind noise so you can enjoy time outdoors
WhistleBlock Eliminates whistling from the hearing aids before it is audible
NoiseBlock Reduces background noise without reducing speech
SoundRelax Cushions sudden loud or unpleasant impulse sounds
EchoBlock Removes echo/reverberation to provide a cleaner sound
Tinnitus Balance Noise generator to reduce the impact of your tinnitus
Tap Control Pause/resume streaming, accept/end calls, and access voice assistant


Can connect to any Bluetooth device.
Microphones will pick up your voice so you can have conversations with the phone in your pocket.
People you have conversations with on Messenger type services will hear you very clearly.

Phonak hearing aids are Bluetooth 4.2 certified, supporting the Hands Free Profile (HFP), Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP) and Bluetooth Low Energy (BT LE). This means that the Bluetooth connection may adapt depending on what you are connecting to.

Phonak Lumity Housing Colours

Advanced Features

Phonak Audeo Lumity Advanced Features

The Audéo Lumity family includes three new models:

  • Audéo L-R (rechargeable)
  • Audéo L-RT (rechargeable with telecoil)
  • Audéo L-RL (Life, Phonak's second generation of waterproof technology)

Technology Level Choice
The typical level of technology chosen by purchasers.

Audeo Lumity
# Channels Noise
# Listening
20 channels Yes - Advanced 7 iPhone and Android DIRECT Three Years


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