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TV Adapter 3 (Opn & Opn S)

Oticon - TV Adapter 3 (Opn & Opn S)

Product Code: TV Adapter

Price: $245.00

The Oticon TV Adapter 3.0 connects directly with your Oticon Opn hearing aids and lets you enjoy watching TV at your preferred volume.

The device is a wireless transmitter of sound from a TV or other audio device to your OPN hearing aids.

Placing the TV Adapter

Place the TV adaptor close to the TV - horizontally, with free line of sight to your hearing aids.



  • TOSLINK. Either digital stereo (PCM) or Dolby® Digital * 16
  • RCA audio output L+R 18
  • Mini jack audio output (typically headphone output) 20
  • SCART audio output (L+R)

Pairing the TV Adapter with your hearing aids

Before using the TV adapter, it must be paired with your hearing aids.

Pairing is only required once, and takes around 20-60 seconds.

Oticon TV Adapter 3 Pairing

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