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Widex - Evoke

Product Code: 440 Fusion

Price: $2995.00 (single aid only)

Widex EVOKE 440 is the latest top of the range technology from Widex in its fully featured form the Fusion.

Widex EVOKE are the world's first machine-learning hearing aids. Typically our audiologist will program your hearing aids and try and get all the settings just right for each and every listening environment. Now with Widex EVOKE that will no longer be necessary. because Widex EVOKE will continually learn and adapt to your preferences.

Ordinarily automatic hearing aids behave in a much simpler way, choosing between pre-set listening programs. A sound classifier in the hearing aids determines which of the programs to activate in each listening environment, but the settings used in each program never really change (except through user adjustments or by reprogramming).

There are two ways for EVOKE wearers to take advantage of machine learning. One way is to just use the hearing aids in the same way you would any others and EVOKE will fine tune the settings based on where and when you make manual adjustments. The second way is to record your preferences in the EVOKE app for IOS or Android mobile devices. All you have to do is compare alternative programs and pick your favourite. It's very straight forward and only takes a matter of seconds each time. Based on your responses, the app generates two more programs for you to compare. You can repeat this process as many or as few times as the app refines the settings to suit your taste.

Widex EVOKE re built on the new e-Platform, which includes an all new chipset, 2.4GHz for direct audio streaming from Apple iOS devices and control from iOS and Androis devices.

Buy if:

* you want the world's first and only hearing aids with machine learning, for a hearing experience that evolves over time

* You are excited about the idea of hearing aids that predict and respond to your individual preferences

* You want Made-For-iPhone MFI hearing aids that also include ear to ear streaming.

# Channels Noise
# Listening
15 channels Yes - Advanced auto Yes Three Years

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